Belize: The Great Blue Hole Natural Wonder of the World

If you are ever flying over Belize, you cannot miss the opportunity to see the great ‘Blue Hole’, one of the world’s most famous natural wonders. Your eyes will open wide at the sight and phenomenal colours of it from bird’s eye view, or as you encounter the large gaping hole by boat or on tour.

This is a ‘WOW’ factor when it comes to visiting attractions in Belize. It fits into the ‘MUST SEE’ category for all tourists around the globe.   This ‘azul’ hole of wonder is situated in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System and is a travel of approximately 60 miles from central Belize and Belize City.  There are great opportunities to see glorious fish, colourful  corals and other species that linger in the Caribbean Sea.

It has been recognized that the Blue Hole in Belize is the world’s largest open sinkhole that drops approximately 120 to 125 meters down deep and holds a diameter of 300 meters in width.

The known cause for this is because the sea level increased around 65,000 light-years ago. Some people believe the rise in sea level sucked down a land formation, an island perhaps, therefore,  making the hole drop and width so dramatic. If you are an avid-diver or plain adrenaline-junkie, this could be he adventure for you! Divers come from all continents to brave at the depths of the ‘deep blue hole’ in tropical Belize.

Within the hole itself,  the water is 145 meters deep and the depth is what creates the dark blue hole colour, the lighter rings and the holes that are within it.  The Blue Hole is located very close to Belize’s largest and most favourable protected area, known as the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument.

If you are someone who is afraid or squeamish of movies such as ‘Open Water’, ‘JAWS’ (1,2 & 3), the ‘Deep Blue’ and other freaky open sea movies, this may not be your gig. After all, diving meters below and having a panic attack might just not work out for you in the long run. Can we say ‘the bends’ anyone?

Lesson for today; Be Calm, go for this adventure if intrigued, or just check out these awesome photos of the Blue Hole in Belize instead and imagine it all.

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